Fixed Bolivia's NatPop coup not firing correctly. Added unique Japanese names for territories in Africa and the Pacific Islands. We hope you enjoy it all the same! Fixed the Nanzig rename remaining in endonym mode. Fixed a SIK decision giving steel while referring to oil deposits. Fixed Suez not counting as part of Egypt for the Ottoman centralisation mechanic. Fixed Fengtian being able to attack a country that it doesnt border. Touched up old Philippines events, including fixing the many broken or reversed opinion modifiers in the Philippines. The endonym/exonym game rule has been removed. Shandong puppeted by Anqing now gets guaranteed by the Fengtian Government. Clarified the faction-joining preferences of each Haitian path. 2nd: set_ruling_party fascism. Austria now sends volunteers to Lombardy and Venice when they are at war with the SRI. Fixed a couple of misfiring Chinese events. Kenya joining the Entente now correctly promotes Philip Euen Mitchell to being its leader, and removes their starting army debuff. Cuban volunteer divisions now get removed after the American Civil War. Fixed the Ottoman state modifiers not being properly removed in the Kadroist path revolts. Tweaked and added supply hubs in Arabia, Kachin, Central Asia and Ukraine. United States of America: John Nance Garner. Ukraine's AI will never annex itself to Russia. Fixed Wu Jinglian being able to criticise Japan even after being removed from his post. Removed research bonuses for pre-La Rsistance technologies in La Rsistance national spirits. Fixed Sardinia not being able to take the peaceful reunification decisions. Added improved starting light tank chassis, tank armour and engine technologies to the Commune of France. Butler's Coup can no longer fire if he's dead. Fixed Shandongs Qu Yingguang not being retired correctly. Updated the version of Ey Iran for Persia. Fixed Romanians focuses being blocked in Bulgarias Balkan Union path. Added custom operatives for Canada, National France, Australasia, Lithuania, Germany, Commune of France, Union of Britain, Siam, New England, USA, and the CSA, Germany, Commune of France, and Union of Britain now begin the game with intelligence agencies already created. Fixed Legation Cities adding the wrong version of the Open Door national spirit and streamlined the council effects. Bulgaria: Atanas Burov, Ivan Dochev, Dimitar Gichev, Vasil Ikonomov, Dimo Kazasov, Ivan Mihajlov, Nikola Mushanov, Rusi Rusev, Manol Vasev, Fengtian Government: Xing Shilian, Yu Zhishan, German Empire: Franz von Bayern, Walther von Reichenau, Haiti: Carl Brouard, Alfred Auguste Nemours, Paraguay: Eusebio Ayala, Obdulio Barthe, Rafael Franco, Eduardo Schaerer, Serbia: Srdan Budisavljevic, Milan Gavrilovic, Milan Gorkic, Milan Grol, Trifun Kaclerovic, Albert Kramer, Vukasin Markovic, Dragoljub Mihailovic, Zivojin Peric, Koca Popovic, Dragomir Vasic, Josip Vidmar. Added Mahanimit (Great Vision), "Mahachai (Grand Victory)", "Sansoen Phra Barami (Glorify His Prestige)", "Floor Fuengfah (Bougainvillea Dance Floor)", "Dao Lom Dearn (Moonlit Night)", "Fahk Rak (Entrusting My Love)" for Siam. When Greece becomes syndicalist, it no longer drops out of a faction/wars if its faction leader is also socialist. Russia can now request alliances with countries that claim its lands - but the latter have a very high chance of requesting the return of their cores in exchange for joining the Moscow Accord. Iraq can now claim Diyarbakir if Egypt annexes Syria. Fixed the location of several victory points in the Union of Britain, Denmark and Russia. Modified the effects of the Left Kuomintangs national focus to invade Taiwan. Reforming Mittelafrika now moves the capital back to Dar-es-Salaam. Fixed the triplicate 2nd Sino-Japanese War news event. Fixed the Baltic Duchy keeping the Forest Brothers' resistance. Fixed countries remaining in Mitteleuropa while at war with Germany. Fixed annexation missions for Bechuanaland and Zimbabwe not firing for Germany. All rights reserved. Fixed Japan not getting wargoals on Han-led Kumul Khanate. Adjusted loc for the case of Li Zongren defecting and proclaiming a rival RKMT. Peru now loses its core on Pastaza if they peace out with Ecuador. Tweaked many national spirits which increase the conscription factor for small counties, due to it having a negligent effect. If you are still having trouble, we have written up a guide which we hope will be of some use:, - The KR4 Team: Alpinia, Anbory, Arvidus, Beelzebub, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Dr. Njitram, Drozdovite, Edouard Saladier, Eragaxshim, Fbruchmueller, Flamefang, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, KeetnaWilson, Khalil, Kracc, Kro, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, MantisToboggan, Mifil, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rinbro, Roniius, Roparex, Rylock, Saladenicoise, Sjarlewis, Skip, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaorszg, WordZero, Yard1, Zaddy-Chan and Zankoas. Added descriptions to Sichuanese leaders L Chao and Xiong Kewu. Fixed PatAut Lianguang being unable to integrate the rest of China. Improved the Serbian AI at handling the assassination event chain/decisions. Rebalanced some Latvia national focus and national spirit effects. Added a general description to Hunans Teng Daiyuan. - The KR4 Team: Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Carmain, Dr. Njitram, Drozdovite, Edouard Saladier, lose, Eragaxshim, Fbruchmueller, Flamefang, Fort, Gideones, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, Krco, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, Matoro, NukeGaming, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rylock, SPQR, Starguard, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaorszg, WordZero, Yard1, Zankoas and Zimbabwe Salt Co. Hello everyone! Fixed Sichuan not being able to complete New Commercial Zones. Fixed Syria potentially losing its starting ideas due to a delayed Egypt event. Added The Boy I Love is up in the Gallery for the Union of Britain and the Entente. Fixed AST and IRE joining the TI while already a member of it. Fixed Jabal Shammar causing two Najds to exist. Fixed the pathing for Wilhelmina's portrait so it works for Dutch East Indies. Fixed a few broken shadows on some National Spirit icons. Fixed a potential crash in Shanxis Fate of the Generals event. Fixed an Ethiopian national focus referring to the leader of the Internationale instead of Somalia. Fixed Sichuan being left alive in Tibet due to Yunnan taking Xikang. Increased the starting stability for the Commune of France. Ottoman's Armed Neutrality is now only removed if they join a faction. Removed the World Tension gain from CNT-FAIs victory in the Spanish Civil War. German East Asia AI no longer guarantees Burma. Fixed Serbias Konspiracija being referred to as Fringe Nationalists. Added bypasses to the Persian war focuses. Fixed Austria not joining against Russia, even when Germany is losing. Australia is no longer a single massive air zone. Syria no longer starts controlling the Damascus province. The Left Kuomintang now gets a claim on Tawang in the Renounce the McMahon Lines national focus, if they already own the state itself. Instead of giving occupation penalties when they time out, annexation missions will now fire the respective country/region/state's event (the same event given when the decision is selected). Implemented several vanilla icons for tanks and ships. Updated some national focus effects for the Ma Clique. Fixed a bug causing Honduras to load Centroamerica's tree. The National Protection Alliance is now an alternate name for a Chinese splinter, rather than a faction name. Fixed SocLibs not being added to the US Grand Coalition. Paraguay is now more aggressive in attacking Argentina. Fixed the State Transfer Tool decision referring to the incorrect shortcut. Fixed a script for making peace not working, if an enemy of the targeted country is at war but the faction leader isn't. Standardised the leftist flags for Piratini. Fixed the Netherlands turning PatAut while in the Third International. Fixed puppet Puerto Rico not being able to access its tree. AI Armenia will no longer create a faction with Persia, if Persia is already at war with Azerbaijan. Hello all! Fixed an incompatible Japanese naval bomber design. Mongolia can no longer demand the Transsiberian from Russia. Fixed Transylvania not being annexed in the Treaty of Budapest. The CSA no longer has a 1% chance to be denied entry into the Internationale. Gave Montenegro a base attack and defense idea, reminiscent of Sisu. Fixed socialist Finland keeping the German guarantee. Lengthened the debuff to Manchu-led Qing for defaulting on their debt. There are now separate buffs depending on if you go for the Southern or Northern War Plan as the Left Kuomintang. Britain no longer starts on partial mobilisation. Polish republicans and socialists now can integrate new territory more easily compared to the monarchists and nationalists. Fixed the unitstacks around Lake Titicaca. Updated Austrian railway national focuses to create railways. New England now inherits USAs techs, rather than Canadas. Patagonias national focus to economically support the Third Internationale during the Second Weltkrieg is now available for all paths (previously it was restricted to only 2 paths). Fixed puppet Brazil retaining democratic and PatAut national spirits, if their overlord has a different type of government and Brazil is released accordingly. Fixed Swedens Landsverk manufacturer disappearing when swapped. Fixed post-unification Romania not correctly having different parts of the Iron Guard gain prominence. Germany can now fortify before the 2nd Weltkrieg starts. Reducing ones Economy or Mobilization law in peacetime (via the decision) now refunds a portion of the PP which was spent to acquire the law. The Argentinean Immigration mechanic now speeds up the countrys industrialisation, at the cost of reduced stability. Fixed Zhang Tianran not dying after the event featuring his death. Germany in Exile now is the same country as Mittelafrika, rather than taking over from it and replacing it entirely. Added a puppet PatAut leader to Wallonia. Fixed a Qing event displaying incorrectly. Mustafa Fevzi akmak is now re**added to Turkey if he was retired by the Ottoman Empire coup. Pretty vital to correct that, so heres the hotfix for that and any other issues weve fixed in the interim. Fixed NatPop Mihai Romania being unable to finish their focus tree. Post-unification Federalist Chinas railway decisions now also add infrastructure. New National Spirit icons for the Union of Britain, Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Fixed Sardinias Badoglio still being a field marshal after his arrest. Canadian Intervention in the American Civil War (expanded current options), Liangguang (consolidated current options), Anatolian Kurdistan: Selahaddin Efend, Ali Riza Firat, Brazil: Everardo Dias, Ildo Meneghetti, Adalberto Nunes, Canada: Prince Albert Windsor (civilian), Henry Windsor (civilian), Combined Syndicates of America: Smedley Butler, Dominican Republic: Rafael Trujillo Molina (military), Commune of France: Georges Blanchard, Raoul Magrin-Vernerey, Ren Olry, Georgia: Aleksandre Dgebuadze, Leo Shengelaia, Mikheil Tsereteli, Grigory Veshapeli, Left Kuomintang: Dai Anlan, Huang Qixiang, Deng Wenyi, Zhang Yunyi, Liangguang: Chen Jiongming (military), Ma Ji, Ye Ju, Yang Kunru, Chen Lianbo (civilian & military), Li Yangjing, Qing: Jiang Baili, Li Bingzhi, Wang Chengbin, Wang Huaiqing, Liu Menggeng, Xing Shilian, Du Xijun, Aisin-Gioro Xiqia, Xiao Yaonan, Sa Zhenbing, Liu Zhenhua, Shanxi: Yang Aiyuan, Zhao Chengshou, Han Fuju, Li Fuying, Gao Guizi, Liang Huazhi, Yang Hucheng, Wang Jingguo, Sun Lianzhong, Sun Yue, Xu Yongchang, Feng Yuxiang, Shang Zhen, Song Zheyuan, Zhang Zizhong, Fu Zuoyi, Sichuan: Liu Cunhou, Wang Lingji, Fan Shaozeng, Sweden: Gunnar Bjurner, Clas Lindsstrm, Oscar Nygren, Tripolitania: Salim Bey al-Muntasir, Ramadan al-Suwayhili, Union of Britain: Edmund Anstice, John Beckett, Richard Bell Davies, Aneurin Bevan, Charles Broad, Fenner Brockway, Ralph Cochrane, GDH Cole, Hugh Dowding, Edward Ellington, Basil Embry, Frederick Field, Bruce Fraser, Percy Glading, Niclas y Glais, George Hardy, Arthur Horner, Jorian Jenks, Tom Mann, Abe Moffat, Oswald Mosley, JT Murphy, Harold Nicolson, Mark Oliphant, Rajani Palme Dutt, Keith Park, Frederick Pile, Harry Pollitt, Herbert Richmond, Wilfred Risdon, Alfred Salter, Manny Shinwell, John Slessor, John Strachey, George Sutherland Aitken, RH Tawney, Arthur Tedder, William Temple, Alexander R Thomson, Alan Turing, Ellen Wilkinson, Liangguang: Wei Bangping, Zhang Dongson, Zhang Huichang, Tan Pingshan, Lu Rongting, Huang Shaohong, Zhong Xiunan, Chen Yangshen, Tan Yankai, Qing: Baokang, Shi Bangfan, Wang Chonghui, Wang Guanyi, Lei Haizong, Li Huang, Bai Jianwu, Xie Jieshi, Aisin-Gioro Jixing, Cao Kun, Gao Lingwei, Liu Muqun, Wu Peifu, Aisin-Gioro Pujie, Peng Shouxin, Liang Shuming, Zhang Yanqing, Aisin-Gioro Xiankui, Zheng Xiaoxu, Du Xigui, Zhang Yanqing, Yu Xuezhong, Wang Yujia, Ren Yunge, Aisin-Gioro Zaizhen, Tang Zhongming, New flag for the Socialist Republic of Italy, New national focus icons for Fengtian, Greece, Qing, Shanxi. Added Czech, German and Romanian endonyms for Miskolc. White Ruthenia will now occasionally turn PatAut, instead of it being a player-only failstate path. Fixed overlap in the different Serbian puppet trees. Peru now joins any of Bolivia's wars if the PBC forms. Fixed Jabal Shammar joining the Cairo Pact war, while still being at war against its own revolts. Removed Augustine Warner Robbins from the PSA roster. New VPs and a province adjustment for Malaya. Added economic development decisions for Uruguay. Fixed the Socialist Republic of Italy voting for another faction in the Fifth Congress than what was chosen in the game rule. Added "Ei Tu, Mergyte (Hey, Girl)", "Maryte Melynake (Marie Blue Eyes)", "Palangos Jurjo (Palanga Sea)" and "Paskutini Sekmadieni (Last Sunday)" for Lithuania. Fixed the ability for Bulgarian allies to give it cores on land it had lost or never owned. Fixed an OTT OOB spawning behind enemy lines. Fixed dynamic countries not having their claims cleared upon annexation. Fixed the Bharatiya Commune being released with the incorrect name. You can find them all in the Official Kaiserreich Collection. Fixed the Puerto Rico Back to the Union game rule not working correctly in all cases. Fixed former Centroamerica countries freeing themselves from being a puppet by reforming Centroamerica. Fixed South Africa not peacing out with the Entente properly if Natal is capitulated too quickly. Fixed Eastern European tank chassis art being missing on the tech tree. Fixed Lianguang not inheriting their enemies commanders and troops after their civil war. Fengtian and Qing can now purchase armored cars from Japan and Germany respectively. Fleets are now transferred from an American faction to the faction that capitulates them. Fixed broken descriptions on Dutch East Indies national spirits. Here's a pick of the best HOI4 console commands to use with the country tags above. Romania now starts with 40% war support instead of 50%. The previous workaround which made countries incorrectly get drawn into a peace conference whenever a country whose faction leader was not in the war now actually works for puppets as well (so, for instance, a puppet Vietnam falling to Indochina wont cause all of German East Asia to suddenly be annexed). Decreased the cost of several Haitian decisions. Replaced Morocco's RadSoc leader with Leon Sultan. The value of the Bozen victory point has been nerfed. The Deal with the Devil no longer annexes tags. Fixed Argentinas missing leader description for Farrell. Decreased the World Tension gained from the start of the Second Russian Civil War, and increased the tension gained when Russia creates the Eastern Front of the Third Internationale. Reduced the maximum size of the Rhenish puppet, and adjusted the annexation events to account for France annexing the west bank of the Rhine. Fixed the Ottomans losing land in the peace deal with Russia. Austria can no longer conjure oil from the ether. Fixed several incorrectly-sized terrain images. Removed the Russian general Bronislav Kaminski. Added a cancel trigger to Nicaragua's decision to attack Honduras. Fixed a few LKMT tooltips showing the wrong effect. Fixed Russia not being able to declare war on Poland via focus if Poland annexed Lithuania. Fixed Paraguays Estigarribia missing a trait. Fixed some event spam involving desertions, during New Englands democratic unification with the remaining American Civil War participant. Improved the national focus changes that occur in the different paths for Iraq, so that they use the new Uncomplete Focus effect that has been added to the game by Paradox. Apologies to those who enjoyed that path but fear not, itll be back soon and better than ever. Fixed a reformed United Kingdom getting the wrong Prime Minister. Buffed Shanxis New Central Army national spirit, so that it doesnt result in 0% recruitable manpower when combined with other debuffs. Ported over the vanilla name list for Peruvian and Uruguayan ships. Fixed Russia not restoring Sternberg to Mongolia when puppeted. Renamed the Congo strategic region to Congo Basin. Added rubber to Ethiopia as part of its map overhaul.. Tweaked the French Republics starting division templates. lake elsinore jail, affidavit of lost deed michigan, approximately how many players are there in morning mood,