The study highlights some of the social and cultural differences which exist between these native speakers of Irish and second-language learners and the need to find ways in which the two groups can work more productively together. The project has seen children speaking the language fluently for the first time in over 100 years. We're elated to announce the launch of our new Irish language course at Drops. [58][59], The Kodrah Kristang revitalization initiative in Singapore seeks to revive the critically endangered Kristang creole. [104] They include media programmes broadcast in Maori, undergraduate college programmes taught in Maori, and an annual Maori language week. Wikitongues safeguards language documentation, expands access to mother-tongue resources, and. [4] There are three main dialects, named after the areas they are spoken in: "Connacht . The revitalization of endangered languages is both deeply personal and political, as language subjugation is directly linked to intentional efforts by colonizing powers to suppress and eradicate indigenous culture and dismantle local collective identity. Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter, 2005. Acquisition of the language by adults, who in effect act as language apprentices (recommended where most of the remaining speakers of the language are elderly and socially isolated from other speakers of the language). Some communities employ linguists, and there are also linguists who have worked independently,[97] such as Luise Hercus and Peter K. Austin. Their intention in creating the glossary is to "facilitate discussions between experts and the holders of traditional knowledge". The Strategy promotes a holistic, integrated approach to the Irish language which is consistent with international best practice.